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Craig and Colette Toach

  • Parenting, discipling, equipping a new generation.

  • Moving forward in the Apostolic Movement and setting the Fivefold Ministry in place.

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ministry, marriage, family, business and... life!

Only those who have been there understand the complications of standing side by side, doing the work of the ministry with your spouse. You are husband and wife. Co-founder. Apostles of the work. Leaders of the team and best friends.

Heaven on earth or a recipe for disaster? Dare we say a little bit of both? Since 1999 Craig and I have been in the work of the ministry together. Having 4 natural children and umpteen spiritual ones, things can get... complicated. We soon learned the importance of "swapping hats" understanding our individual mandates as apostles and ... what our temperaments were. So we bring to you, not a perfect picture, but a reality steeped in a life of hard knocks. Do we have all the answers? Hardly! However what we can do is assist you on the journey God has YOU on right now. 

our mandate

Our mandate is simple: To help you fulfill yours. The longest part of our journey is discovering our part in the body of Christ. What is my function? Where is God leading me. Above all... what do I do now!

With the launch of our first prophetic school in 1999, we started answering this questions for thousands all over the world and now, we are here for you. 

Let us say this - the road you have walked was not a road of chance. The Lord has you in the palm of your hand. You are not forgotten, but indeed you have been called for such a time as this. Through mentorship, spiritual parenting, training, teaching and apostolic impartation, our part in the Church is specific - let's find out what God has called you to do. Then let us equip you to get that job done.

Alongside our incredible fivefold ministry team, we stand ready to help you along the next step of your journey. Visit our ministry headquarter site to see where you can get hooked up!....

Our journey

Having left our home country, South Africa in 1999, we have been on a journey that is not unfamiliar to any called to the apostolic office.

"Give up your country, family, favorite foods and go to a place you do not know." Our first stop was to Mexico and since then the Lord has used us in nations all over the world. Working hand in hand with apostles and other fivefold ministers all over the world, our main centers are in San Diego (USA), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Berne (Switzerland.) 

Our teachings and ministry doe not come from having had things dropped into our laps. Rather, each one has been learned through the fire of experience, failure, followed by success. 

Let it not be said that we, "Were born, wrote some books and died." Rather we pray our inheritance remains in those we mentor and impart everything we have into. Whether you are a student of one of our live and online schools, a partner, associate ministry or spiritual child... our greatest joy is that we all get to walk this road together, to establish the Church as a city on the hill.

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