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  • 7 Aug 2018 1:09 PM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

    #TodaysProphet its the last day to get the book for free guys! (Where did the weekend go?) Amazon really only allows us to give it away for free for just 5 days, so please grab it in the next few hours. Also... kindly post reviews once you have read. Your reviews increase my author rating and make sure that others see that this book is available. Lets raise up God’s New Testament prophets together!!



    Today's Prophet (The Fivefold Office Series Book 5)

    "If this is all about Today's Prophet, then what happened to yesterday's Prophet?" - Apostle Colette ToachSince the time of John the Baptist, the prophetic movement was thrust into a new era. An outstanding transition took place in the Church as a whole. Jesus came, He died for us, resu...

  • 27 Jul 2018 1:14 PM | Anonymous

     Apostles Craig and Colette - Sharing Our Journey With You

    I know that some of you guys have noticed that Craig and I have been a bit quiet lately. For a few months now the Lord took us into the background and we put the care of the ministry in the hands of Apostles Nathan and Chaifa Berry. Around four months ago, the Lord called us to step away and to take a turn in the wilderness. There were moments where I felt so dry and said to the Lord, "What's next?" Lord where is your river of living water? You know what He told me? He said, "Colette you are not the rainmaker... I am. I am the bringer of rain. So sit in my presence and learn to just be a receiver of that rain!" 

    And so in these last months that is exactly what Craig and I have been doing. We have been just sitting at the Lord's feet and praying for the rain. We faced the dry wilderness and allowed the quiet to bring our flesh to death and our spirits to life! We realize that our own works cannot bring rain. Our efforts are like dirty rags. There is nothing in us that can establish this apostolic movement. It is all dependent on our faith in God's reality and not our own. There is no weaker moment than realizing that everything you have ever done or accomplished is worth... nothing!

    They are all counted at loss when it comes to comparing them to the unfathomable love of Jesus. After all is said and done, my greatest treasure is not my ministry or accomplishments - it is the moment I spend in the arms of Jesus. Do you know how long and hard we try to earn His love and prove to Him how capable we are to do His work? Then I am reminded again that I was chosen for my foolishness and not because of talents. So yes, all ta
    lents and strengths brought to the cross, so that Jesus can have the seat of glory.

    It is from this place of being seated, that Craig and I invite you into a very powerful vision that has been borne from this time. Something we as a team, have come to call... The Gathering Place 



    We Invite you to The Gathering Place

    The Lord has told us that it is time for us to open our doors to the public. Up until now, because we and most of our team live at the ministry center in San Diego, we have not posted our address publicly. However that is about to CHANGE! Not only will our office hours be open for calls as usual, but our doors will be open as well for anyone to walk in for ministry.

    At the moment things are pretty chaotic as we rearrange our entire lives to welcome this newborn. From moving office desks out and the coffee machine in, we have a clear picture in mind of what God wants. A place where people can come for real ministry from a Fivefold Ministry Office team. From prophetic decree, inner healing, salvation and counsel - our doors will be open to anyone who has a hunger for more of God. So far our community in Descanso has rallied around us. Even unbelievers are providing us with tables and book stands for our new vision!

    I tell you - when God opens a door... HE OPENS IT WIDE! Now we have not announced this to the public yet, but if there is anyone we want to share the news with its you! You have been with us along our journey and now we welcome you on the next stretch of it and want to invite you for some, one on one around the coffee table in Descanso, California!

    Now, this does not come without price. Keep in mind we LIVE at our ministry center. So this is going to take a massive shift in our lifestyle. The best part is that our entire team is on board. They know that they are giving up comforts of home. They know that they are giving up "their space." They know that they will be on call to do God's work every single day. There will not be time for "me time" or the basics of "normal living." When the fire for God burns... it burns stronger than our other natural desires! 


    You Are Part of The Promise

    God has told us that we are not waiting for His people, but that they are waiting for us to be in place. Already, as we reach out into the community many are waiting for us to open our doors. We have a large number of churches in the area that are supportive. That is the best part! We are not a church we are... A FIVEFOLD MINISTRY CENTER! It means that people come here for some life-changing ministry and impartations that they can take back with them to their churches! 


    So What More Do We Need?


    Now some of our partners who already caught wind of this, have asked how they can jump in and help out. Well... if you are in the region you can sure come and help with cleaning and heavy lifting!! :) If you are not close by though, we are still in need of some couches, curtains and carpets to get fully set up. As soon as these pieces are in place, we are fully functional and ready to open our doors. So really, our "open door date" depends on us being able to source these last items.

    Live Near San Diego?

    You are invited! Come on over and join us in the chaos as we birth this baby and look forward to what is about to happen here!

    Guys, I really hope that you can catch our excitement in this vision and realize that the years you have followed us, supported us and just loved us has brought us to this point. 
    Sharing our hearts and sending you our love,

    Craig and Colette Toach

    Apostles and Spiritual Parents

    Apostolic Movement International

    If you want to give a love gift you can do so below: 


    GMR USA 
    Donate on our GMR website via PayPal

  • 17 Jul 2018 4:10 PM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

    The Long wait is over...

    Colette and I, are proud to let you know, Colette's latest book, Today's Prophet, is in finally in ebook version and on Kindle right NOW! 

    For those of you, who have joined the KindleUnlimited, it is free for download. For the rest, we will have a promotion for five days starting on the 3 August 2018.

    Get your Kindle copy or keep your eyes peeled for more information, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FCXJ4VZ

    Please do us a favor... leave us a review and help us get the book out there to bless the body of Christ and prophets needing this book.

    In His love,

    Craig and Colette Toach

  • 18 Jun 2018 3:28 PM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

    Keep an eye out - we will be doing a FIRST TIME EVER promotion on Kindle Select of Colette's new release “Today’s Prophet”. In other words, the ebook will only be available on Kindle and we will also be launching it, by making it available for free for a week. So if you do not already have a kindle account - sign up and then be sure to also follow Colette on Author Central to get the notification! 
    amazon.com/author/colettetoach #TodaysProphet
    — with Jessica Toach and Colette Toach.

  • 29 Jan 2018 3:35 PM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

    Johannesburg, South Africa - March 23 - 25, 2018 Discover your apostolic mandate and get equipped to do the impossible. 


    The Apostolic Workshop is an intimate gathering of leaders. We have limited the number of seats to 100.

    As a team, our mandate is to help you fulfill yours. These workshops are intimate, "hands on" where you will interact with the apostles of AMI and get prayer, ministry and direction for your call and life.

    Bringing every road together, He's been adding on to you and preparing you for your apostolic mandate. 

    Taking the pulpit, will be AMI's apostolic team - 6 apostles, 6 apostolic types, working together to establish a foundation. Walking out a new patten, you will see how apostles can work together.

    Birchwood Conference Center
    Viewpoint Road Bartlett,
    Boksburg, 1459
    South Africa

    Topics that will be blown wide open include: 

    * Apostolic types: Identify your type

    * Apostolic Teams: Training your mighty men

    * Functions of the apostle

    * Discovering your apostolic mandate

    * Marriage and ministry: Making it work


    Seats are limited to 100, so reserve your seat today! 

    Meet us in Johannesburg, South Africa for the answers you've been seeking! 

    It's time to apostle up as God's generals are mobilized around the world.

    Speakers Include:

    Apostles Craig and Colette Toach, Apostles Philip and Anja Sager, and Apostles Nathan and Chaifa Berry


    Birchwood Conference Center

    Viewpoint Road Bartlett,


    1459, South Africa

    Phone: +27 11 897 0000

    Nearest Airport:

    OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg (17 minutes from venue)

    Some Suggestions on Hotel and Lodging:

    Birchwood Hotel (Same place as event)

    For more details, click here: https://www.birchwoodhotel.co.za/conference-hotel-johannesburg

    Phone Number: +27 11 897 0000

    Oppliplot Guest House (17 minutes from venue)

    For more details, click here: http://oppiplotguesthouse.co.za

    Phone Number: +27 (0)73 175 7774


    United States: +1 760 466 7679 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm PST)

    South Africa: +27 71 056 6321 (Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm SAST)

  • 10 Jul 2017 4:40 PM | Anonymous
    Before moving on to the word below, I would like to issue a word of caution. God does not often use me to deliver strong words of correction, but as the Father spoke to me this morning about the new move He is doing in the Church, He did not mince His words.

    So firstly, realize that this word is not for everyone. This is not a word for you if you just got born again. This word is not for you if the Lord is using you in your local church to serve. This word is for those who are called to the Fivefold Ministry with a mandate for business and the creation of wealth in the Church.

    Now whether you agree, love it, hate it or just plain do not understand it, there is no denying the fact that God is raising up mighty men and women with a message for the Church. A financial message to make the Bride stand as a City on the Hill. Some agree with this message. Many oppose it and I do not doubt that I will receive more than one negative response to this word.

    Be this as it may - this word stands as a direction, conviction and confirmation from the Father to those who have been called in the financial realm. Like I said, read with caution. Allow the words to sink into your spirit and let the Lord add further personal direction for you to them.

    Let us take this land for Christ together. Each in our own realm. Each with our own mandate. Each with our own fire to do what God has called us to do, with all our hearts.

    Craig and I are humbled to walk this road alongside many such warriors, just like you. We will pay any price to see God's work accomplished in the earth. We know you will pay the same price, so let us stop talking and start DOING!

    With Love,

    Craig and Colette Toach
    Apostles and Spiritual Parents
    Apostolic Movement International

    Calling Out Fivefold Financial Warriors

    A Prophetic Word for the Church by Colette Toach

    I am raising up my Josephs and Solomons to bring abundance to my Church, says the Lord - but Joseph made Pharaoh rich and he made his people rich. He had his rewards also, but he certainly did not give of his excess. Rather he arranged for others to become wealthy and this is what so many do not understand. There are many rising up in my Body right now that use their revelations, strengths and wisdom so that they can become wealthy and give the church of their overflow.

    However, that is not what I have called them to do. Rather I have called them to make others wealthy and to often times take a loss themselves. I have called them to raise others up above themselves. So many look at their talents and spiritual gifts as a money making opportunity, instead of a ministry that they can do to bless my Body. They are meant to raise up businessmen, to coach them and to make their way a success. This is what the mandate of these mighty warriors is. For as long as they seek after wealth, I will not bless or prosper them. However, when they seek out ideas to make others wealthy - then I will prosper them also.

    As my leaders continue to cling to their financial secrets to make themselves wealthy, my hand will be against them. However when they come to me for wisdom on others - then you will begin to see blessing and prosperity flow like you cannot imagine. For it is not about the gifts - it is about the mandate.

    The mandate is not for SELF WEALTH - it is for KINGDOM WEALTH. While your hunger is to feed your own stomach, you will never be satisfied.

    You will always hunger and thirst and every bread you receive will make you fat, but you will still hunger. All the wine you drink will make your eyes bloodshot, but you will never be satisfied. This is the nature of the leeches that take and take. They just want more and more and are never satisfied.

    Kingdom Wealth

    However, my blessings make rich without that sorrow. They do not bring fear or condemnation. You never fear losing what you have, because you know it is not yours to have in the first place. You never fear having to let go of what you need, because you know that it did not come there by your own hand, but by mine.

    For a true financial apostle is not to be rich so that he can give of his abundance. A true financial apostle is one that makes others rich and causes them to flourish and this is what no one has yet understood.

    So I am bringing a revolution to my Church, and I am raising up the fivefold ministry in the business realm. They will come from the rich, the poor, the imprisoned, the strong and the weak. I will use them from every sector - but let this message be clear.

    They will not rise up to feed their own bellies. They will not rise up to satisfy their own cravings. They will rise up to feed my Bride wine and bread and to give her all that she needs to flourish in this world. Moses sought me for food for my people and I fed them in abundance. He did not seek me for food for his family alone and then give the rest of the nation from his overflow!

    When will my mighty warriors rise up now and put aside their own cravings and desires, and take on my cravings and desires? When will they put their own flesh and need for fame and wealth on the cross and lift others up instead? For I am calling for these leaders that will pay this price. They are not to be found sitting in palaces. They are not going to be found draped in fine clothing and in gold so that they can brag about how successful they are.

    Identifying Those With a Kingdom Wealth Mandate

    In fact, on first impression, they will not seem like much. Yet as they open their mouths, rivers of living water will gush out. An anointing to create wealth - not for themselves, but for others! They will walk in revelation, wisdom and pour out secrets of wealth, not for themselves, but for others.

    So when you see one rising up with wisdom to gain their own wealth and then only from there hand on the crumbs to my people - this is not one of my financial warriors!

    No, my financial warriors will be those that will suffer lack just to see someone else become wealthy. They are the ones that will fall flat on their face before me, crying out for the wisdom to pass on to others to become wealthy, knowing that they will not get to eat of that bread.

    Then I will anoint such a one with words of power and the wisdom of Solomon, and they will indeed cause my Church to become a City on a hill. A shining City of influence that is not built on the spirit of the world and the lust of the eyes, but on true agape love.

    A love that gives. A love that sacrifices. A love that is unafraid to suffer lack to see another experience wealth. Look out for my Fivefold Financial Warriors, because they are coming. I am sending them to you, for their time is now.

    Your Journey - Where to From Here

    They have wondered why I have held them back and it is because their focus has been wrong. So I took them into the fire to burn away the dross of the lust for money. I have taken them through the wilderness, so that they could be hungry and thirsty enough to do it my way.

    Some I have filled up with so much abundance that they have become spiritually sick in their stomachs, realizing that even though they eat the things of this world, it does not satisfy. So realize I am raising up my leaders now. Those that are willing and ready to take up arms and to give to my Bride what she needs to be an influence in the systems of the world, says the Lord. Amen.

  • 5 Jun 2017 2:50 PM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

    It's Monday and no better way to charge the battlefield than with Jesus at your back and the Spirit of God empowering you. May this word be the wind beneath your wings.


    Come to me all you who are heavy laden. Did I not create a road in the desert and a river in the wilderness?
            My Child, look to Me, so I can be your source of blessing and your overcomer in all the obstacles that stand before you. I know, that as you look in front of you, that the way ahead looks overwhelming. Yet, is my hand shortened? Have I not said it, and shall it not come to pass?
            So set your eyes on Me this day and let Me conform your sight to My sight. Let your steps, step in rhythm to mine. As we do this together, so will your strength come back to you and before long, you will march in the strength and power I have wrought in you.
            Take my hand child and let me lead you into the byways, so that you can be a light to the lost and a strong tower for them to find refuge. As I have been for you, so shall you be for others. But it starts in the rest and in the peace, that only comes when you have been with Me.
            So set aside your heavy burdens and take on My yoke. Take on the pressures I have called you to take, because I have tailor-made you for them and it is when you take them on, that you will find your place and succeed in all you put your hand to – says the Lord.


    Much Love and Blessing,



    Craig Toach
    Apostle and Spiritual Father
        Apostolic Movement International

    Connect with us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColetteToach

    Your Tactical Guide to Apostolic Office


    The Father called you. The Spirit empowered you. Now is the time to enter the apostolic arena and access the strategies necessary to fulfill your call.


    Read More: http://www.ami-bookshop.com

  • 16 May 2017 10:30 PM | Nathan Berry (Administrator)

    Apostolic Leadership Truth: You have always been held to a higher standard. More has always been expected of you. You've always been "intense" to all those around you, caring more about the kingdom of God than you care about family politics and the friends that you can gain.When everyone else can get away with doing whatever they would like, you just cannot shake the fact that you are doing what you know is wrong to do. Even when you do try to get away with doing something wrong, you are quickly called on it.

    "It is not fair!" you have said time and time again. "I always seem to be the one taking the blame. I am wearing the load of responsibility. What about them, Lord? Why don't you get on their cases?"

    Because they are not apostles - YOU ARE! To whom much is given, much is also required.

    This is who God made you to be!

    Just when you try to change so that you are not too intense or so that you do not rock the boat too much, the Lord comes to you and says, "Who made man's mouth?! Since when does the clay tell the potter how it must be and what it must look like?"

    The hand of the Lord has, since the day you were born, been heavily upon you and you have been formed for an apostolic work that is greater than you realize.

    You've had your time in the wilderness. You've endured your fair share of heartache and rejection. Now, the Lord comes to you with your apostolic charge - It is time to lay down the pattern that you have received from the Father.

    All the visions, revelations, mountain experiences with the Father, they were not just for nothing! Apostle, it is time to put the pieces together and to lay a foundation!

    To help you begin this process and fulfill this mandate, we want to support your call with some teachings to train you for this work that lies ahead of you. What we want to offer you today, has NEVER been made available to the public before, but has been solely reserved for students until this point.

    For anyone who gives a donation (via www.gmrn.org), investing into other ministers just like yourself, from May 18 to May 22, we will be pulling out our big guns and investing some of our resources that we worked hard to put together - right back into you! For your love gift, you will receive 8 FREE MP4 messages!

    Get your donation in, apostle, and let us come together and each lay the pattern that God has put on our hearts, so that this picture can come together and the church may stand in the splendor and glory of the Father!

    You can make your investment here: www.gmrn.org/donate

    With Love and Blessing,

    Nathan and Chaifa Berry
    Servants and Apostles
    Global Ministry Resources

    The Apostle's Treasure

    Never-Before Published!!!

    These messages are GOLD in the hands of anybody with an apostolic calling. A new season has began and we've made it our personal goal to reach as many apostles as possible, and to give them what they need.

    From May 18 - May 22, anybody who gives a Love Gift to the ministry (of the amount the Lord leads you to give), will receive these 8 MP4 messages for FREE. We encourage you to share it with all your friends and family. If you know of an apostle, help us reach them by putting these teachings in their hands!

    Give Your Love Gift Now

    8 MP4 Messages Included:
    (internet connection required)

    1. The Prophet in the Universal Church
    An apostle is not an apostle, without a prophet. You're about to discover that this relationship is vital to your success. Learn how to work with a prophet and nurture this relationship.

    2. Categories of the Prophet
    Prophets are not created equally! Elisha, Elijah, and sons of the prophet - identify the signs of each one. Discover the types and know what you can and cannot expect from each one.

    3. Spiritual DNA and Spiritual Parenting
    Apostles are called out of their "tribes" to start a new nation. What does the good spiritual parent look like vs the bad? Discover the truth about spiritual parenting and how the apostle does it.

    4. Group Projects and Anointed Organization
    Anointed structure and organization. It is not enough to hear from God and receive a pattern, you've got to have the ability to organize, structure, and make that pattern work.

    5. Displacement Warfare
    The highest kind of warfare there is - the apostle is responsible for making sure there is a NEW pattern in place, so that God's people do not return to the old. Displacement warfare goes beyond tearing down strongholds, it means building new ones.

    6. Mentorship Basics
    Every apostle needs to know how to mentor. However, you cannot go around mentoring everybody, and you need to push through to the end. Find out who you SHOULD be discipling and discover all the "Do's" and "Don'ts" to mentorship. Think you're a good mentor? Find out how you fare in this message.

    7. Leading Intercessory Prayer
    There are prayer warriors, and then there are mobilized armies. As an apostle, you don't just pray, you have an organized prayer army, birthing, interceding, and doing warfare at the highest level.

    8. Leader, Shepherd, Servant, Pastor
    The essentials to good leadership. Tick these off one by one and see if you qualify.

    Give Your Love Gift Now

  • 11 May 2017 5:27 PM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

    If you had asked Colette and I what our future would look like nearly twenty years ago, what you see today would not have been the answer. Back then, we were different vessels and we were still learning the ropes! We were under a leader and did not foresee any change. We were happy doing the Lord's work. Little did we know, the Lord had other plans for us!

    When it comes to leading a work and establishing a plan in the earth, it is not a walk in the park. To take on the name "apostle," is not something to boast in. Like Paul said, "You are the greatest servant of all."

    This has been made even more clear during our seminars and workshops in Africa and Europe. The prophets have done a great job and have laid a solid prayer foundation, but now what?

    It is time for the real patterns to take their place in the Body of Christ. Apostle, you have burnt to see change. You have desired to see everyone find their place and thrive in the Body of Christ.

    Now is the time for that to happen - you need to make the difference! Easier said than done... Right?

    Not if you have the right vision and pattern. That is what, Colette and I, want to do for you at our Apostolic Leadership Workshop in Fresno, California, USA, from May 19 - 21, 2017. You have been seeking the Lord to help you understand this calling on your life. You know you are missing some pieces. With the Lord's help, we are going to help you and get you up and running.

    With a little over a week left, we only have 8 seats left, so secure you seat right now. For more information and to secure your place, check out our webpage at: http://www.apostolic-network.com/show.php?t=Apostolic%20Leadership%20Workshop-%20California&ref=318&button=

    Colette and I look forward to seeing you there. But before I leave you, I want to give you a little taste of what you can expect!

    At our seminar in the UK, the Lord led Colette to speak a powerful message entitled Tabernacle to Temple. What I loved about this message, is the challenge it gave!

    We all know everything has a season. Yet, are we prepared to give up and move to the new when it is time? The scripture says, "We cannot serve two masters." The same is true, when it comes to our ministry visions too.

    What is wrong with the old? Nothing, for the past season, but you are entering a new season and that means change.

    I know this will get you fired up and will stir up all the questions you will need to ask us at the workshop. So, get those questions down and secure your seats and we will see you in Fresno soon!

    Oh yes, I got so excited, I almost forget to give you the link to Colette's message Tabernacle to Temple, you can find it at: http://www.ami-bookshop.com/index.php?Product=1061&format=2

    Much Love and blessing,

    Craig Toach
    Apostle and Spiritual Father
    Apostolic Movement International

    Come meet us live at the Apostolic Leadership Workshop: http://www.apostolic-network.com

    Connect with us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColetteToach

  • 9 May 2017 1:13 PM | Craig Toach (Administrator)

    Let's face it, since the day you were born, you have been running a race. As you have grown, so the race got more difficult, yet it is still a race you need to run. My question for you today, is how are you going to run it?

    Hebrews 12:1-2

    1 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,

    2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

    These two verses give us what we need. By simply shedding the weights that cause this race to be hard, we can make it easier for ourselves! By changing our sinful habits and attitudes, and choosing to face them with all joy, we can lighten the load we carry. Just like those who ran before us.

    Then the most exciting is that we focus on something positive to get us to the goal. What better picture, than Jesus Himself! He went ahead to show us how to do it and to be victorious. What a perfect life coach. Why trust a sinful man, when you have the lord of Lords to show you the way and who knows what you are going to face?

    Make these two points a part of your daily habit, and you will find the race before you getting easier and more fun to run!

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