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Apostolic Leadership Truth!

16 May 2017 10:30 PM | Nathan Berry (Administrator)

Apostolic Leadership Truth: You have always been held to a higher standard. More has always been expected of you. You've always been "intense" to all those around you, caring more about the kingdom of God than you care about family politics and the friends that you can gain.When everyone else can get away with doing whatever they would like, you just cannot shake the fact that you are doing what you know is wrong to do. Even when you do try to get away with doing something wrong, you are quickly called on it.

"It is not fair!" you have said time and time again. "I always seem to be the one taking the blame. I am wearing the load of responsibility. What about them, Lord? Why don't you get on their cases?"

Because they are not apostles - YOU ARE! To whom much is given, much is also required.

This is who God made you to be!

Just when you try to change so that you are not too intense or so that you do not rock the boat too much, the Lord comes to you and says, "Who made man's mouth?! Since when does the clay tell the potter how it must be and what it must look like?"

The hand of the Lord has, since the day you were born, been heavily upon you and you have been formed for an apostolic work that is greater than you realize.

You've had your time in the wilderness. You've endured your fair share of heartache and rejection. Now, the Lord comes to you with your apostolic charge - It is time to lay down the pattern that you have received from the Father.

All the visions, revelations, mountain experiences with the Father, they were not just for nothing! Apostle, it is time to put the pieces together and to lay a foundation!

To help you begin this process and fulfill this mandate, we want to support your call with some teachings to train you for this work that lies ahead of you. What we want to offer you today, has NEVER been made available to the public before, but has been solely reserved for students until this point.

For anyone who gives a donation (via, investing into other ministers just like yourself, from May 18 to May 22, we will be pulling out our big guns and investing some of our resources that we worked hard to put together - right back into you! For your love gift, you will receive 8 FREE MP4 messages!

Get your donation in, apostle, and let us come together and each lay the pattern that God has put on our hearts, so that this picture can come together and the church may stand in the splendor and glory of the Father!

You can make your investment here:

With Love and Blessing,

Nathan and Chaifa Berry
Servants and Apostles
Global Ministry Resources

The Apostle's Treasure

Never-Before Published!!!

These messages are GOLD in the hands of anybody with an apostolic calling. A new season has began and we've made it our personal goal to reach as many apostles as possible, and to give them what they need.

From May 18 - May 22, anybody who gives a Love Gift to the ministry (of the amount the Lord leads you to give), will receive these 8 MP4 messages for FREE. We encourage you to share it with all your friends and family. If you know of an apostle, help us reach them by putting these teachings in their hands!

Give Your Love Gift Now

8 MP4 Messages Included:
(internet connection required)

1. The Prophet in the Universal Church
An apostle is not an apostle, without a prophet. You're about to discover that this relationship is vital to your success. Learn how to work with a prophet and nurture this relationship.

2. Categories of the Prophet
Prophets are not created equally! Elisha, Elijah, and sons of the prophet - identify the signs of each one. Discover the types and know what you can and cannot expect from each one.

3. Spiritual DNA and Spiritual Parenting
Apostles are called out of their "tribes" to start a new nation. What does the good spiritual parent look like vs the bad? Discover the truth about spiritual parenting and how the apostle does it.

4. Group Projects and Anointed Organization
Anointed structure and organization. It is not enough to hear from God and receive a pattern, you've got to have the ability to organize, structure, and make that pattern work.

5. Displacement Warfare
The highest kind of warfare there is - the apostle is responsible for making sure there is a NEW pattern in place, so that God's people do not return to the old. Displacement warfare goes beyond tearing down strongholds, it means building new ones.

6. Mentorship Basics
Every apostle needs to know how to mentor. However, you cannot go around mentoring everybody, and you need to push through to the end. Find out who you SHOULD be discipling and discover all the "Do's" and "Don'ts" to mentorship. Think you're a good mentor? Find out how you fare in this message.

7. Leading Intercessory Prayer
There are prayer warriors, and then there are mobilized armies. As an apostle, you don't just pray, you have an organized prayer army, birthing, interceding, and doing warfare at the highest level.

8. Leader, Shepherd, Servant, Pastor
The essentials to good leadership. Tick these off one by one and see if you qualify.

Give Your Love Gift Now

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