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Sharing Our Journey With You

27 Jul 2018 1:14 PM | Anonymous

 Apostles Craig and Colette - Sharing Our Journey With You

I know that some of you guys have noticed that Craig and I have been a bit quiet lately. For a few months now the Lord took us into the background and we put the care of the ministry in the hands of Apostles Nathan and Chaifa Berry. Around four months ago, the Lord called us to step away and to take a turn in the wilderness. There were moments where I felt so dry and said to the Lord, "What's next?" Lord where is your river of living water? You know what He told me? He said, "Colette you are not the rainmaker... I am. I am the bringer of rain. So sit in my presence and learn to just be a receiver of that rain!" 

And so in these last months that is exactly what Craig and I have been doing. We have been just sitting at the Lord's feet and praying for the rain. We faced the dry wilderness and allowed the quiet to bring our flesh to death and our spirits to life! We realize that our own works cannot bring rain. Our efforts are like dirty rags. There is nothing in us that can establish this apostolic movement. It is all dependent on our faith in God's reality and not our own. There is no weaker moment than realizing that everything you have ever done or accomplished is worth... nothing!

They are all counted at loss when it comes to comparing them to the unfathomable love of Jesus. After all is said and done, my greatest treasure is not my ministry or accomplishments - it is the moment I spend in the arms of Jesus. Do you know how long and hard we try to earn His love and prove to Him how capable we are to do His work? Then I am reminded again that I was chosen for my foolishness and not because of talents. So yes, all ta
lents and strengths brought to the cross, so that Jesus can have the seat of glory.

It is from this place of being seated, that Craig and I invite you into a very powerful vision that has been borne from this time. Something we as a team, have come to call... The Gathering Place 



We Invite you to The Gathering Place

The Lord has told us that it is time for us to open our doors to the public. Up until now, because we and most of our team live at the ministry center in San Diego, we have not posted our address publicly. However that is about to CHANGE! Not only will our office hours be open for calls as usual, but our doors will be open as well for anyone to walk in for ministry.

At the moment things are pretty chaotic as we rearrange our entire lives to welcome this newborn. From moving office desks out and the coffee machine in, we have a clear picture in mind of what God wants. A place where people can come for real ministry from a Fivefold Ministry Office team. From prophetic decree, inner healing, salvation and counsel - our doors will be open to anyone who has a hunger for more of God. So far our community in Descanso has rallied around us. Even unbelievers are providing us with tables and book stands for our new vision!

I tell you - when God opens a door... HE OPENS IT WIDE! Now we have not announced this to the public yet, but if there is anyone we want to share the news with its you! You have been with us along our journey and now we welcome you on the next stretch of it and want to invite you for some, one on one around the coffee table in Descanso, California!

Now, this does not come without price. Keep in mind we LIVE at our ministry center. So this is going to take a massive shift in our lifestyle. The best part is that our entire team is on board. They know that they are giving up comforts of home. They know that they are giving up "their space." They know that they will be on call to do God's work every single day. There will not be time for "me time" or the basics of "normal living." When the fire for God burns... it burns stronger than our other natural desires! 


You Are Part of The Promise

God has told us that we are not waiting for His people, but that they are waiting for us to be in place. Already, as we reach out into the community many are waiting for us to open our doors. We have a large number of churches in the area that are supportive. That is the best part! We are not a church we are... A FIVEFOLD MINISTRY CENTER! It means that people come here for some life-changing ministry and impartations that they can take back with them to their churches! 


So What More Do We Need?


Now some of our partners who already caught wind of this, have asked how they can jump in and help out. Well... if you are in the region you can sure come and help with cleaning and heavy lifting!! :) If you are not close by though, we are still in need of some couches, curtains and carpets to get fully set up. As soon as these pieces are in place, we are fully functional and ready to open our doors. So really, our "open door date" depends on us being able to source these last items.

Live Near San Diego?

You are invited! Come on over and join us in the chaos as we birth this baby and look forward to what is about to happen here!

Guys, I really hope that you can catch our excitement in this vision and realize that the years you have followed us, supported us and just loved us has brought us to this point. 
Sharing our hearts and sending you our love,

Craig and Colette Toach

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