Craig and Colette Toach

Craig and Colette Toach


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The greatest honor we have is to walk side by side with mighty warriors just like you! With a heart to parent and mentor God's people, we are passionate about seeing the Church become a shining city on a hill.

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Craig Toach

Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa Craig always had a heart for the "underdog." After becoming powerfully born again at the age of 20, a journey began with Colette (His then girlfriend) that would change his life forever! After just two years of marriage, the Lord brought Craig and Colette along with their two small children to Tijuana Mexico. From then the training begun!

He faced the struggles many called to the apostolic do. Having to let go of family, country and friends close to him, there wasn't anything he withheld from the Lord. It was this giving heart that would become the foundation on which the Lord built Apostolic Movement International.

Just as the Lord promised the Apostle Peter "even in this age I will give back to you mothers and brothers and sisters... " So did the Lord bring Craig to a position that he never anticipated - that of an apostle and spiritual father.

He is most comfortable sitting around the dinner table sharing with his family both natural and spiritual, or sitting down with one person at a time showing them how to do the task at hand. Whether that lesson is how to hear God, overcome a marital conflict or start a business... his greatest gift is the father's heart that the Lord has given to him.

Colette Toach

Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa, Colette had a zeal to serve the Lord from a young age. Coming from a long line of Christian leaders and having grown up as a pastor’s kid she is no stranger to the realities of ministry. Despite having to endure many hardships such as her parent's divorce, rejection, and poverty, she continues to follow after the Lord passionately. Overcoming these obstacles early in her life has built a foundation of compassion and desire to help others gain victory in their lives.

Since then, the Lord has led Colette, with her husband Craig Toach, to establish Apostolic Movement International, a ministry to train and minister to Christian leaders all over the world, where they share all the wisdom that the Lord has given them through each and every time they chose to walk through the refining fire in their personal lives, as well as in ministry.

In addition, Colette is a fantastic cook, an amazing mom to not only her 4 natural children, but to her numerous spiritual children all over the world. Colette is also a renowned author, mentor, trainer and a woman that has great taste in shoes! The scripture to "be all things to all men" definitely applies here, and the Lord keeps adding to that list of things each and every day. 


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The Watering Hole - Read the Latest

Throughout this magazine, you will and teaching geared for the fivefold minister, and is relevant to the fivefold ministry training and call. Nate and I are proud to put into your hands the rest of many issues of... The Watering HoleIn making this publication, we pulled from the best resources from all the ministers associated with us from all across the world. We seek to connect and put into the home of every fivefold minister, cutting edge revelation and a global perspective on what God is doing in the Church. No longer will you have to feel that you are the only one. Our goal is to feed those out there in the eld with the highest quality teaching, and so we have purposefully left  out all external advertisements, so that it may be filled with teaching. That means all the cost of production of The Watering Hole is completely funded by love gifts from our partners like you. So know that your love gift  goes a long way in reaching God’s warriors. As you dive into the meat of this magazine, know that you are part of something bigger than yourself.

With Love and Blessings,
Nathan and Chaifa Berry Apostles and CEOs
Global Ministry Resources 

The Fivefold Offices for Today

The fivefold ministry has been a mystery that is only being resurrected in the Church today.

You see people rising up with the different callings, you see how God brings these different individuals together, and calls them to set the Church afire, but what are the fivefold offices exactly, and where do you fit in?

Not to worry, God has already prepared place for you. He started preparing it the moment you were conceived. Did you think all the trials you have gone through, and the life you have lived was just a twist of  “fate”? I assure you this is not the case. God has been shaping your character all your life so that He can bring you into the fullness of your calling.

He has chosen you, and has given you a role to lead His people out Egypt, but you cannot do that unless you understand what kind of leader you are, or which people you are supposed to be leading.

There are five different callings, and each one is unique and very specific. In the pages of this book, Colette Toach lays out the clear structure, foundation, and origin of the fivefold offices that will help you to discover your place.

Are you an Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Pastor, or Evangelist? Are you called to walk the social, business, or ministry road? It is time to reveal the road ahead of you, and to rise up into the fullness of your call. Where you are now is great, but God has so much more in store for you than you realize. It is time to take hold of the reality of your call to the fivefold offices.


Chapter 01 - The Fivefold Ministry Foundation
Chapter 02 - Is the Fivefold Ministry for Today?
Chapter 03 - Functions of the Prophet and Apostle
Chapter 04 - Functions of the Teacher, Pastor and Evangelist
Chapter 05 - The Fivefold Ministry for a New Generation
Chapter 06 - The Fivefold Ministry Character
Chapter 07 - Fivefold Ministry - Three Roads
Chapter 08 - The Business Apostle – a New Breed
Chapter 09 - The Fivefold Ministry Purpose
Bonus Chapter - The Local vs. Universal Church

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